6 tips to save fuel

Each driver can also use the following tips to save fuel and protect your car ...

6 tips to save fuel 1

Users should follow the scheduled maintenance recommended by the manufacturer.

Saving fuel not only help our pocket less dried up but also helps operate the vehicle more durable and more efficient, and our environment will be cleaner.

Understanding this, the automobile manufacturers also try to find fuel saving solutions for each car producted, designs more cars using cleaner fuels.

However, users can not always passively enjoying those fruits and should also implement measures to save fuel in the best way.

Press gas pedal gently:

Many people still have a habit of slamming the gas pedal to accelerate the vehicle suddenly while still urged before parking at high speed and then brake suddenly. Maybe it's the "fun" for most people, to create strong feelings, but this is really wrong because each time it will "hook" out of your pocket a little amount that when add up you will be surprised.

Therefore, try to hit the gas slowly when starting and stopping the car, calculate the distance to parking to release the gas pedal in advance in order to avoid wasting fuel.

Check the status of vehicles:

Like the driver performs necessary check before "off-road”, thoroughly check the current status of the vehicle will ensurea safer journey.

With the aim of saving fuel, one should first check the tires to be full pumped. When tires is full, it will help ran better, lighter and more fuel efficient. Also, you will not have to constantly startled to spend money to replace the tire.

Next, consider the weight of the car. Please leave items that are not really necessary off the vehicle to become more compact.

Pour just enough gasoline:

Of course, no manufacturer makes leaked fuel tank. But when you poured gasoline, you should also pay attention to not overfill because it will be ejected and flush out, make harmful to the fuel tank shell.

Also, when possible, pour gasoline in crowded places. Because of their tanks are regularly recharged, so you will avoid the risk of gasoline contaminated with water, rust or other impurities. Poor quality gasoline will operate less efficient.

No need to warm up the engine:

The advancement in technology has helped the cars more and more modern, not least the need to start the engine before setting off again as before. In summer weather, if the car is not too hot, you should not start the engine prior to running air conditioning.

Routine maintenance:

Every vehicle has a regular maintenance schedule. Users should follow this schedule, except for unusual problem. In the absence of conditions to the maintenance center, you can also do some small things like check the air filter by putting up lights to observe, if it is sealed off or too dirty for replacement. The air filter is something very inexpensive and readily available in stores. Similarly, check the fuel filter.

Making manual book keeping:

Every vehicle should have a small notebook to record the fuel consumption parameters for ease of comparison. Check performance and fuel mileage for every gas pumps. Look for new ways to apply can be effective. Sure, the car will drain more gas in winter, so the track during a year is the best way. Manual tracking fuel economy is also a great way to plan for car maintenance, gasoline consumption because if the car consumes more gas, it also means time to seek maintenance.

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