8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car

Before driving with newly purchased used car, you should maintain and clean carefully.

After purchasing a used car, many people feel uncomfortable because of the smell of the interior. Used car does not smell of new plastic but care should be taken as soon as coming home. You often do not know the history of maintenance and repair of the car. The paint can remain shining but lubrication and filtration system may be "outdated". Therefore, you need to apply 8 steps to newly purchase used car below to ensure longevity as well as the operation.

Replace engine oil

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

After bringing the car home, you should check engine oil quality using probe. If oil probe is still yellow, you do not need to be replaced. In the case of oil has become discolored (turn black), you should think about visiting auto repair shop.

Changing oil is very important because the direct impact to vehicle’s engine life which is quite expensive. Besides, you also want to replace the engine oil filter.

People are often advised to replace the engine oil after 5000 km. However, engine oil life nowaday is considerably higher. You can switch to synthetic oil to prolong engine life, ease of starting in low temperature conditions and reduce fuel consumption.

Fill up the radiator

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

Temperature is one of the "implacable" enemies of the engine. Overheating is a serious problem because it will damage the washers as well as other parts that hard to be repaired.

Thus, coolant plays a very important role in prolonging engine life. The engine cooling system today often combines multiple heterogeneous metals. That makes the coolant gradually turned into corrosive electrolyte and expensive parts in the engine.

After buying a used car, you should go to the shop to flush the engine radiators. Quickly replace the pipe that you suspect damaged during flushing. Next is to replace the coolant at a frequency every 3 year.

Replace the brake fluid

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

Braking fuild is commonly glycol based with main purpose of anti-moisture. You should remove the brake fluid and water as soon as possible. When brake fluid mixing in water, heat resistant and corrosion will be reduced. Consequently, the boiling point of brake fluid and brake grip reduces affect braking performance as well as your own safety.

Water in brake fuild is phenomenal that unavoidable, even if you only keep the car in the garage. Moisture absorbed into the brake system through ultra-small washers and the pipe.

Also, residual moisture "sneak" into the brake system when the oil tank is opened. So, do not open the brake fluid reservoir if necessary.

The used car you buy may be using the old brake fluid. So, replace the brake fluid right after purchase. Experts recommend that vehicle owners should change the brake fluid every 3 years to minimize moisture which reduces boiling point and corrosion.

Quickly replace battery

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

No wonder car battery today is not better than the former. The car makers are often equipped battery with less lead for newer product lines to cut costs. Also, the batteries today are even smaller to reduce weight. Therefore, the batteries are usually "dead" before the 3 year warranty.

When buying a used car, you should record the date of manufacture of the batteries. After the battery turns the 4th year from the date of production, you have to replace, especially before the winter.

You can replace the batteries for the cars at home. Be sure to remove the cathode first from the old batteries. However, you must be connected to the cathode with a new battery later.

Keep an eye on the air filter

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

The air is an indispensable component of the engine ignition process. So, please regularly check the engine air filter. You can remove the air filter, tap on the ground to take dirt out.

The "lifetime" type of air filter is equipped with foam or cotton mesh instead of paper to keep airborne particles. However, this type of air filter requires complicated lubrication and cleaning process.

Many vehicles today are equipped with cabin air filter located in the ventilation system behind the drawer compartment. Just remove drawer, you will see the air filter. You may be surprised to discover so many things on the filter like leaves and insects.

To clean the cabin air filter, you can use a vacuum cleaner. Be sure to replace the air filter regularly to improve the performance of the air conditioning system.

Change transmission fuild

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

For a new car, you should change transmission fuild after first 6,000 miles to remove residual metal in the manufacturing process. After the first change, you can go every 30,000 miles carefree. For manual transmission, you can change fuild every 50.000 miles.

When buying a used car, you should check with the tranmission fuild quality using probe. If there are air bubbles, that mean the fuild was filled full. Meanwhile, burning smell indicates too high operating temperature, will cause the tranmission to rapidly break down.

Replace transmission fuild regularly, even adding a small amount to protect expensive parts in the drivetrain.

Check the tires carefully

8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

After purchasing the car, do not forget to check the tires carefully for worn out or flatten. Maybe the old owner of the car did not know how old the the tires are. Therefore, you should check the tire tread and to detect cracks.

The cracks can vary in size, from as small as a human hair to be large enough to swallow a coin. If the tire has lost elasticity (has been used for about 5 years), this is the time you should change to new tires.

Besides, you have to compare the tires on the car to each others. Tires are not in the same as common condition in older cars. For safety and fuel economy, you should replace the entire set of tires.


8 Steps to first care for newly purchased used car 1

The last step prior to driving old cars is cleaned the car If you buy the car at the dealer, you may not need to perform this step. Meanwhile, when purchased directly from vehicle owners, you must clean carefully.

The first is thoroughly cleaned outside the car. Then dry the car and wait for the scratch test. You can use the sealant to obscure scratches on the car. Next step is to wax exterior.

Use a small hand-held vacuum to clean up dust inside the car. Then, multi-use wet towels to clean the entire dashboard panel, doors, seats and steering wheel.

Complete all the steps above, you can now enjoy your newly purchased car.

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