How to capture Android Smartphone Screenshots

This post show you the way to capture a smartphone/ tablet device using the Android Operating System.

Whether you like to take Android’s Smartphone Screenshots to show off your application process to friends or take a screenshot to save the best moment of using..

With Android 4.0 or higher which offers a built-in method to take screenshots, there is a little bit difficult if still using an older Android operating system version.

How to capture Android Smartphone Screenshots 1

Very easy to take a Android 4.0’s Screenshot

When you are using the Android 4.0 Operation System or later It’s so easy to do it. Just hold the Volumn Down button and Power button at the same time. The screenshot picture will be automatically saved to Gallery, you can see an animation before that indicates screen photo took and saved. Launch the Gallery App, tap the saved screenshot photo to view or share it somewhere on Internet..

Take screenshot picture using Google’s Android SDK

For all older Android of the Operation System, we can capture screenshot using Google’s Android Software Development Kit (SDK). When we finished setting up the Android SDK, all we need is to connect the Android smartphone or tablet to the computer by USB cable and fire up the SDK.


Using AShot Android Screen Capture

Firstly you need to download the app here

It is a open-source app (that means it’s FREE) to take screen of the Android device using computer. We need to install the Android SDK and properly configure. AShot can take screen of Android nearly real-time on the computer.

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