Tips to Clean And Speed Up Mac PC

Clean up your hard drive, and the management of resources, the new update operating system or upgrade hardware are ways to help your Mac run smoother.

OS X is stable working, good speed, but by the time, computers running Apple's operating system will slow down because much more data grow up and junk files caching. 5 tips from Cnet suggestions below will help improve the speed of your Mac.

Check startup programs

If your computer takes a long time to boot, the problem may be due to many programs running together when loading the operating system. Access System Preferences> Users & Groups, select the Login Items tab in the Current User. The list are startup programs. unstick on Hide to remove some of them.

Identify resource-consuming applications

The operating system on Mac computers provide tools for monitoring system resources. Check the path Finder> Applications> Utilities then select Activity Monitor. Here, we can determine which software consume much CPU and RAM. If the application is not necessary, we turn off to free up memory.

Tips to Clean And Speed Up Mac PC 1

Hard Drive Data were analyzed by Disk Inventory X

To check memory drives, Disk Inventory X is a free utility that can help. This application will scan the entire. Disk Inventory X does not support directly delete files/folders but it is to help determine the cause of the delay components for the computer to delete it manually. It also check the data in the recycle bin to periodically frees the memory completely.

Clean Hard Drive Data

Tips to Clean And Speed Up Mac PC 1

Much of the data used to make the computer more resources to manage. To manage, OS X provides Disk Utility tool, access Finder> Applications> Utilities. In the First Aid tab click Repair Disk to scan and tune the computer hard drive.

Upgrade the latest OS X

Tips to Clean And Speed Up Mac PC 1

The new operating system brings more features and help expand the machine run more stable.

Hardware Upgrades

If the above steps not make you are satisfied with the speed of the processor, the solutions is to upgrade computer hardware. Upgrading RAM is a simple way but will bring significant efficiencies. You need to check the computer RAM, it can be replaced or not.

Another way is to use SSD drive to help the machine restart quickly, read write data at high speed. However the price of this device is much higher than the HDD.

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