History and the necessity of airbags

The story based on history and development of technology airbags luxury car maker Mercedes-Benz ...

History and the necessity of airbags 1

Airbag system and side windows - maximum protection for passengers in the car

If you've ever sat in a car, would anyone be able to recognize immediately the safety factor is essential. And the airbag was launched as a life-saving technology.

October 1971, Mercedes-Benz was granted a patent for the airbag, a new security system to help protect occupants in the car when the accident happened. Ten years later, the first airbag for the driver had been installed in vehicles of S-Class W126 series. From then on, the airbag has saved hundreds of thousands of accidents.

The idea of a comprehensive safety system

Since the start of the study, Mercedes-Benz has been pursuing the aim of creating a comprehensive safety system, a combination of air bags and seat belts, thereby maximizing the ability to protect passengers when collisions occur.

Before that, there was installing car seatbelt system, and in 1981, on the steering wheel of the S-Class line was found bold abbreviations: SRS - Supplemental Restrain System: Additional safety systems. Call for additional airbags are not a substitute for seatbelts, which combines with it to minimize injury to passengers.

How Airbags work?

When the sensor receives signals deceleration in emergency situations likely an accident, the system was prepared. When collisions occur with enough force from the front or side, the airbag system is activated. A mixture of Sodium, Potassium Nitrate and sand will immediately be burned, when converted into sodium and a small amount of oxygen and hydrogen, detonate the air bag.

Why should be a need of strong enough force? Airbags inflate only once. If in the case of car collisions in 2 consecutive obstacles, the lighter first caused airbag sprung, then the second heavier collision would be very dangerous.

Unlike warheads compressed with chemicals or explosives, detonators of airbag uses rocket technology thus provide the ability to activate the gas efficiently and immediately: just in a fraction of a second, Nitrogen should trigger the airbag explosion. Airbags are made from a special fabric, in case of accidents occur, passengers will be pushed forward, at that time, airbargs function as a soft cushion between the body and the vehicle’s hardwares.

Additionally, the bag has tiny holes on the fabric surface for the gas mixture to escape a fast and easy. This new safety system is only maximum effective when used in conjunction with seat belts. If not wearing a belt, the "soft cushion" can become a dangerous pathogen because it detonates when the body were thrown forward with a force so strong.

The journey to the future

Belief was reinforced by the successful testing (including a total of 250 crash tests and nearly 2500 test race on slippery roads), Mercedes-Benz has continued to develop airbag system until complete.

At the Geneva International Auto Show 1981, Mercedes-Benz has introduced new safety systems on vehicles W126 S-Class series. Even in that year, there were 2,636 customers buy S-Class car decided to install air bags. Along with safety belt for the front passenger, the price was 1525.50 DM (approximately 780 Euro).

After that, the airbag continued to be developed at Mercedes-Benz. Since 1984, most of the other famous passenger cars started equipping with airbags.

In the 1996-1998 years, Mercedes-Benz installed on the E-Class car airbag system and side window airbags to protect passengers better when a collision from the side.

By 1998, the company has made airbarg more "intelligent" with recognition of the children seats, help prevent inflate airbags in the seats where children to be placed. A smart airbags could inflate according to each level, depending on the strength of the forces collide. This intelligent type airbags also became standard equipment for the driver and front passenger car of the C-Class in 2000.

Today's airbag system is installed on all Mercedes-Benz cars to protect passengers. Typically, the C-Class has 6 airbags and the E-Class has 8 airbags.

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