How to keep your rabbit happy

Tips on how to keep your rabbit happy. Practical and cheap ways to a happy bunny.

One day, my little rabbit named Kiwi seems lethagic. A panicky me was so worried that I tried all I can to cheer it up. It seems to be eating and pooping well- a sign of not being sick. However, it just lay there looking bored and lonely.

Rabbits, as most of us do not know, has the intelligence of a cat and just like human, experience many emotions. They can be toilet-trained and can be trained to come on command. A pet rabbit brings lots of joy to the family. In return, we, as pets owners, want to give our very best to our pets. So how do we make our pet rabbit happy?

Here are some tips I found out that can make a rabbit's day.

1. Lots of massage

- Like a little prince/princess, rabbit loves to be patted. Their favourite area to be massaged is usually the head. In the wild, rabbits groom each other. Hence, as a domesticated pet, they will enjoy such love from their owner.

2. Toys

- As intelligent animals, rabbits need brain stimulation to keep them from feeling bored. Just like human, they need some entertainment. Fortunately, a rabbit toy can be cheap and simple. The internet would suggest toilet rolls and cardboard. However, not all rabbits like those. My rabbit personally does not like cardboard. Instead, he prefers paper. Sometimes, I will give him some tissue paper to shred. And that kept him entertained for a long time. It is all about finding the toy which your rabbit likes. Keep experimenting, it is going to be worth it. Other suggestions would be strings and tree twigs. Some rabbit loves them.

3. Treats

- Rabbits have sweet tooth. They love sweet food. They will go crazy with joy when they see their favourite fruit coming. I would recommend healthy treats like grapes, strawberries, blueberries, apples, banana and watermelon. Store bought dried fruit and yoghurt drops are not recommended due to the high sugar content. Fresh fruits works pretty well.

4. You

- Rabbits are social animals and requires a companion to stay happy. If you are keeping 1 rabbit only, do spend some time with your rabbit everyday to bond with it. The duration can varies from a few minutes to a few hours depending on your schedule. Sitting beside your rabbit to do you own things is consider good too. In return, you will see your rabbit more happy. It may also follow you wherever you go. Occasionally, it may even groom you. It may even do binkies upon seeing you! (Binkies are rabbits' way of showing they are happy. They will jump up high on all four and hopped side to side. Binkies are very cute.).

As you can see, a rabbit does not require much things to be happy. All they need is some love and time from their owner. All the things mentioned are relatively cheap. Recycled materials from the household make good toys and good environmental conservation. With some effort, our little bunny will be leading a very happy life.

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