How to Install Android apps on BlackBerry OS 10 (From APK file)

In this post, I will tell you the simple way to directly install Android apps on BlackBerry OS 10 from the downloaded APK files.

Since the update OS 10.2 last year, BlackBerry has simplified the installation of the Android app on BlackBerry’s device, so We can easily setup these apps on the BlackBerry without any modifications of the code.

Note: Firstly we need to turn on “Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed”

Path: Settings > App Manager > Installing Apps > Turn on "Allow Apps from Other Sources to be installed"

As you know, the apk file is the default format of Android applications. Prior to OS 10.2, we have to edit these files before you can install them on BlackBerry devices, and the process is quite complex. For now, we just have a few touch on screen.

Find and download the APK file which you want to install. You can visit and download them from You can also search by other sources if desired.

1. Copy the APK file from your PC to your BlackBerry (via a external memory card or internal memory). Also you can download the file directly on the BB too.

2. Using the File Manager app on BB 10 to browse to the file that you just copied.

3. Tap the APK file.

4. In the next screen, touch the Install button

5. Wait for the installation process finishes, press on the Open button to run. That's done.

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