Tips for driving diesel car in cold weather

Cold weather easily makes diesel to condense, causing hard starts. With the tips below , the problem can easily be solved.

Tips for driving diesel car in cold weather 1

Unlike gasoline vehicles, diesel vehicles do not use spark plugs to burn a mixture of gasoline and air, instead using energy from compressed air to burn diesel when diesel is pumped into the combustion chamber. This means that the higher the air temperature, the engine starts easier and vice versa.

Coming into the winter, cold air will cause diesel easily precipitated, by the nature of diesel has a very high paraffin content. For modern diesel engines, the manufacturer has the solution to this problem by installing extra spark to keep the temperature of the compressed air inside the combustion chamber. However, vehicles equipped with older diesel engines are inevitable to difficult winter boots.

Here are the basic notes to help you and your car to have smooth operation in cold weather and heavy snow condition:

Note for the car:

- Check the car thoroughly, make sure that the entire lighting system works perfectly, correct tire pressure and carry a spare tire, check the coolant tanks and use additional Anti-Freeze additives, check the heating spark plug and replace if necessary.

- Do not leave fuel level too low, always reserve fuel for the car in a few days.

- Remember to change engine oil filter before the temperature drops too low, too dirty filter will cause paraffin accumulation and oil blockage.

- Do not mix gasoline to diesel to prevent freezing. Doing so will make diesel more difficult to ignite and harmful to the engine.

- You can also equip vehicle with fuel warmer help launch vehicle easier in the days of low temperatures.

- Check the vehicle's battery.

Note to the driver and passengers:

- Adequate preparation with gloves, warm clothes, boots, blankets.

- Fully charged phone battery and carry charger with you.

- Bring drinks and snacks, chocolate is a good choice because of high nutrient content.

- Bring shovel, broom, knife.

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