Tips on buying a used car

To buy a sactified used car, you should pocket folowing useful tips.

What car to choose?

After considering the amount of money that you would spend, you should focus onto any car that is affordable and best suits your needs. If you're single or family with less than 3 people, you should not buy the large multi-purpose vehicle or 7 seats SUV or minivan. In fact, you rarely carry sufficient number of passegers on the car. In short, you will waste gas!

You should choose a car that fits the needs of daily use, has a reputation for high reliability and fuel economy. This point is very important because when used car warranty has expired, the car will consume more gas and more easily breakdown than new car. Japanese cars still have the highest resale value by a moderate price, durable and consume less gasoline. American and Germany car are durable as well but consume more gas and and spare parts prices are quite high. Meanwhile Korean cars are cheaper, spare parts are also cheap and relatively fuel-efficient, but after several years of use, they face rapid deterioration.

Do not buy the car models that are no longer being produced (aka discontinue)... The repair, replacement parts will be extremely difficult to find and will be expensive for you later.

What source to buy from?

Classifieds in newspapers and Internet, used car dealers or friend referals are the common sources that you can use when looking to buy a used car. Ideally you should try to buy the car from the owners, not through intermediaries. Thus you will be assured of the car’s origin.

Buy through referal is probably the most reliable channel so you can authenticate the information about the car with high accuracy.

You can used the Classified Ad on newspaper or internet to buy or for reference, but be careful to disguise dealer and owner. For information on the internet, you should google the phone number of the person selling the car. If this number appears in a series of classified sites contained selling different vehicles, then that person is a dealer.

When you have decided on a certain car model and go to see the car, you should consider the following factors:

- To see the car in broad daylight: Negotiable with vehicle owner to view the car in daylight, avoid seeing car in glisten afternoon or in the evening. Insufficent light covers up vehicle’s errors. Ideally you should ask to see the car in the morning, so you can check the car’s start up from completed cool. Cool engine start up will reveal much more stuffs than hot.

- Expert Advice: if you do not know much about cars, you should get an acquaintance who knows about cars, or a skilled auto mechanic to look at your car. They will detect the errors that you do not know.

- Check the papers: carefully check the car papers and related documents such as original receipts, insurance, warranty and maintenance logs. Verify details like the chassis number, engine number displayed in these document.

In addition to the automobile registration, you should ask to see warranty booklet and vehicle maintenance history. A vehicle having full maintenance history backup at a reputable garage topped the list of cars to buy, because you will be well informed how many times the car had collided, how many times of replacement or repair.

Check the VIN: VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) is like a form of auto identification. Be sure to check the car's VIN number with 17 characters for information about where and when car was produced, engine type, vehicle type, and different devices.

Check the number of mileage: many people believe that low mile displayed on speedometer is worth buying. This is absolutely not true. You should not buy 10 year old car with 2000 miles. Vehicles designed to drive, if sitting too long in the garage, problems arise. Moreover, the seller can fully "tweak" speedometer to fool buyers. In this case, you should consider adding other elements, for example in the tire parameters. This parameter will tell us more about the life of the vehicle (where the vehicle has not replaced all the tires).

Test drive: Of course, asko for test drive when you buy a used car. Turn off the music on the car and start the engine, tried on as much road conditions as you can, drive uphill and downhill, acceleration test when turned on air conditioning. Make sure you are completely satisfied with the operation of the vehicle before deciding to buy the car.

No pressure from vehicle owners: Do not let the rhetoric of car owner misguide you and not force yourself to buy a car when it is not entirely satisfied. If you are not entirely satisfactory, go home and answer later. Do not rush to buy as soon as the car owner insists and then regret the decision later.

Bargaining: used car does not have a standard price, so do not forget to negotiate the best price.

The second key: Always required to get the spare key of the car. This is what a lot of people forget when buying a used car, make the car very easy to be stolen.

Purchasing documents: when making documents, you should specify the date of purchase and mileage, avoid liability problems of the car before the time you purchase the car.

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