Understand German dog names: vom / von / von der

Maybe you do not know this? But if you buy a imported German Shepherd or read a dog pedigree, you will found these type of naming show up occasionally.

Understand German dog names: vom / von / von der 1

The German register their dog names ( usually apply for most of Germany originated breed such as German Shepherd, Doberman...) on the principle:

"Dog Name" + "vom / von / von der" + "Kennel name / place".

1. Dogs Name:

For some professional kennels in Germany, when looking at the dog name we can know the order of the litter. They are usually named alphabetically, the first litter will start with letter A, the puppy's names of the A start with letter A such as: Arby's, Afri, Agge, Alice ... etc.

Next litter, they'll put all the names of the litter to start with letter B and so it went on until the end of the alphabet and then rotate again.

2. vom / von / von der:

means "from / of" in English sense. In German, vom / von / von der is used depends on the gender of the following nouns:

VOM stands for "von dem": used for Masculine Singular Nouns and Neutral

VON DER: the term used for singular Feminine Singular Nouns

VON: Use for place that is Neutral

3. Regard to dog name, the name behind vom / von / von der usually Kennel's name, or place.

For example:

Alex von Ulm, Adam von Nürnberg (as Ulm and Nuremberg is Neutral name place.

Barry vom BlueMoutain, Betty vom RedStone (because BlueMoutain = green mountains is masculine noun)

In Germany, the owner of the dog or dogs breeders often do not use their own name for a dog name.

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