Why does some car not explode airbags?

Some readers wonder many automobile collision cases were strong but the air bag did not explode ...

Why does some car not explode airbags? 1

Some readers wonder many automobile collision cases were strong but the air bag did not explode, causing people to sit in the car suffered serious injuries, even death.

The following article will answer these questions in part around the air bag. Information has been compiled from Ford’s source.

Air bag is an automatic bag fill with gas when accident occurs to reduce the level of injury inside a car. Specifically, the front airbags are fitted on the new generation cars to reduce the risk of human involved accidents, reduce the trauma to the head, neck, chest and face of the driver and front seated passenger seated from the frontal collision.

However, the air bag is just a passive safety device. Vehicles equipped with air bags shold not be understood that 100% helping passengers avoid any injuries in automobile accidents.

In addition, a number of modern vehicles equipped with side airbags. Airbags will operate when the vehicle collided directly into the passenger compartment with a capacity large enough and designed by the manufacturer.

Basically, for the air bags to work, electronic controller will receive the signal from the sensor to determine the vehicle's acceleration decrease. When the controller receives signals of descending acceleration large enough (collision) will provide current detonated airbags respectively. Airbag explosion’s speed is very fast (about 10 to 40 milliseconds) should be created an air bag to avoid the passenger head and chest bumps directly into the hardware of the car. After have saved the passengers from the impact, the airbag deflates automatically and quickly to avoid passengers trapped in the car.

On most Ford vehicles and a number of other car manufacturers, air bags detonated at the minimum decreasing acceleration of 2 G (G: gravitational acceleration) or impact force at least equivalent to the case of vehicles reach speeds of about 25 km / h frontal collision into a fixed concrete walls.

For example, when the brake deceleration (acceleration descending). Suppose, when driving at speeds of 120 km / hour and brake pedal hard to stop the car, the maximum deceleration = 1.5 G , still less than such deceleration of 2 G to inflate airbags.

Therefore, in some cases, after the accident, the car very much looks damaged but airbags did not explode because the descending acceleration limit had not been reached to allow the airbag detonation. For this case, the safety belt system has been enough to keep passengers avoid serious injury.

That’s why, in all the manuals of all car manufacturers require passengers always wear seat belts when driving. It is also mandatory laws of many countries around the world.

However, this is also the most worrisome because so many car users still disregard the role of the safety belt so that should almost not wearing safety belts while operating the vehicle. This also means that they have been disabled the effectiveness of the air bag.

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