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Most of the writers who submit their articles to our website is often solely with intent to share and exchange knowledge and want to connect with other users, completely free of charge. However, if any wirter want to become a professional article writer, long-term collaborator with the website, you will be paid. We implemented this program called Revenue Sharing Program

What is Revenue Sharing Program Program ?

Your contributions on the website (aka Post) are likely to generate value and profit. We share 75% of profits from your articles through advertising program called Google Adsense. Google Adsense is a program that serves ads for Publisher operated by Google. Publisher income will be based on advertising revenue from Google Adsense. Learn more about Google Adsense


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Why do we implement Google Adsense to pay remuneration to the Writer?

1. Google Adsense is a intelligent program that connects all potential advertisers all over the world so there will always be those appropriate advertising and income will be sent directly to your Google Adsense account.

2. Perfect tracking system. It's hard for us to be able to tell you exactly how much to pay out per article. The final number is depend on complex dependence of views, different content subjects bring different value, revenues. Google Adsense has always matched the ads to topics you wrote and then your revenue is directly proportional to your ability to write; Or more articles, more views, more topics worth your income as much and vice versa.

3. Google payment system is better than us. It's hard if every month we have to pay for hundreds of thousands writers worldwide, therefore Google Adsense ‘s revenue payment responbility and burden is shifted to Google as they do this perfectly.

4. Never mind the revenue! You can spend all your time writing and not paying attention to how much you will be paid. Your income is completely passive and most of the time you will be surprise to your own ability!

Why you should participate in FWJ?

1. Writing for enthusiasts. Are you passionate about writing and sharing with the community? StellarPosts will help you.

2. No headache about website technical operation. Collaboration with StellarPosts you can devote 100% time for creative writing job. You do not have to bother with complex website operation such as server maintenance, programming,..etc, therefore effective writing is also increased.

3. Connected to Internet users. Every article you shared contributes to connecting Internet users widely.

4. Everybody knows about you. It is very helpful when Internet users could find the information they need through your post and your name is written as author of the article.

5. Earnings Potential: Maximize your creativity and your time, enhance the ability to work, you may surprise how effective your own posts are !

How to participate FWJ?

1. You must have good writing skills, willing to share knowledge and aggregate information from the Internet to help Internet users get the information they need.

2. Already a member of the Website and has published articles.

3. Have your own Google Adsense account.

4. Comply fully the provisions of Google Adsense, we will consider carefully each time you post and decide whether to publish or not.

How much can I earn from this job?

When you work full-time for your employer, they will pay you a fixed salary or plus bonus according to job performance (if any). When joining our FWJ, income you get is also from working effectively. “how much” depends on your ability to contribute, it's not a fixed number and is unpredictable. However, the different is that your FWJ income is accumulative. The post is your asset that always yeild divedend !

We propose a formula for calculating income as follows:

You have 1000 article posted on the website, each month all your article get 1000 views, average CTR: 3%, average CPC: $ 0.25 you can estimate your income as follows:

Earning a month = 1000 * 1000 * 75% * 3% * $ 0.25 = $5,625

So to increase your income is accomplished by to increase the number of posts, increase quality of the articles to get higher views.

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